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If you’re selling furniture & homeware you know

The struggle of gathering the right documentation from customers to quickly address claims on faulty items

Complex furniture products need detailed documentation, which can be challenging for most customers – B2B and B2C
Not having enough data results in time-consuming and manual processing, which delays the resolution of issues
Managing spreadsheets and databases to report on quality issues becomes a error prone and cumbersome manual task

Claimlane streamlines the returns and claims process

All customers, wether B2B or B2C, create perfectly documented returns and claims for a better customer experience
Handle all return/claim types in one place with streamlined workflows and automation to boost your efficiency
Learn why products are returned and why they are faulty to reduce your return/claim rates and improve your bottomline

“Claimlane has greatly improved our refund processes. The direct B2B connection with our suppliers is a game-changer, and the analytical tool provides valuable insights, helping us address any recurring product quality issues, and extend our product lifetime”

Adnan Baessa
Head of Operations, Cult
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Claimlane for Brands

Document claims and returns perfectly from both B2B and B2C customers. Streamline and
automate workflows. Get quality insights.

Claimlane for Retailers

Document all claims and returns perfectly. Forward claims directly to brands. Recover your outstanding credit.

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Learn below how brands and retailers use Claimlane to simplify their returns process, save time, and improve both their customer experience and bottom line.

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