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Ditch manual processes
Regardless of your industry, relying on spreadsheets and emails for returns and claims quickly become a manual process with limited structure with little to no overview of cases.

We help you streamline it: Allow customers to input data for you, collaborate with colleagues in a shared space, and effortlessly report to partners.
Always collect the right data
Ensure you collect the correct documentation for every return with our B2C and B2B flows. Different product returns require different information: We help you collect the right pictures and product info, tailored to each product category, and even down to individual items.
Integrations you need to get started
Claimlane connects with your eco-system through a strong API and standard integrations – automating workflows and improving the customer experience.
Don’t miss out on important insights
Use the analytics module to dig deep into specific issues and share insights with your production, QA and sales teams or with external partners.
Unique products require unique documentation
Selling diverse product categories means generic forms just aren't sufficient. Each product demands specific details.

We help you collect precise documentation from customers, tailored to each product category, and even down to individual items.
Gear up to handle complex products
Complex products like furniture require detailed documentation, which can be a challenging task for most customers to fill out – B2C or B2B. Claimlane's streamlined process ensures that customers can effortlessly submit perfectly documented claims or returns every time.
Report to partners
Managing spreadsheets and different channels to report on quality issues quickly becomes a cumbersome and manual task. Easily create reports to vendors and partners with our analytics module.
React swiftly to quality issues
Our analytics module enable you to promptly identify and address quality issues, ensuring continuous improvement. Facilitate effective reporting to vendors and keep them informed.
Handle claims and returns with ease
Juggling various sales channels and partners makes it tough to gather and share the right data for claims. Our streamlined approach ensures efficient data handling across all platforms, keeping the process smooth and hassle-free.
Minimize manual work
Combat manual processes and missing data with our integrations  
Swift resolution for crutial products
We understand the importance of your products in family lives. Navigating claim submissions can be complex, often causing delays due to incomplete information.

Our streamlined method simplifies this, allowing B2B and B2C customers to effortlessly submit well-documented claims. This ensures faster resolution and minimal inconvenience for your customers.
Personalized care for every product
In the world of baby and nursery products, one-size-fits-all simply doesn't cut it. Every item – whether it's a crib, a toy, or a stroller – has its unique data requirements.

We excel in collecting detailed, item-specific documentation, ensuring every piece in your range receives the focused information it needs. From broad categories to detail of individual products.

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