Claimlane for Brands

Get a scalable workflow for all your retail stores and wholesalers, and always receive perfectly documented warranty claims.
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Get in control of your warranty claims processes

Exchange Excel sheets and half-documented emails with one structured global claim flow for all your retailers and wholesales partners.

With our online B2B portal, submitting claims will be as simple as possible as well as always being perfectly documented.
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Gain access to the ultimate overview and never forget anyone

Enable your teams to get the perfect overview, even at scale. Build your own custom statuses, create different markets, and assign colleagues to specific claims.

Managing your aftersales process has never been easier with the help of our dedicated claim inbox.
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Deliver an unforgettable aftersales customer experience

Product claims put your brand to the test, and is your most significant opportunity to create customer loyalty and brand ambassadors.

Give your customers a stellar experience by offering an accessible, fast, and straightforward omnichannel self-service claim portal.
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Uncover and keep track of product performance patterns

With accurate and structured data, you can quickly and efficiently combine various data points to uncover patterns and trends about how different products perform over time.

Notice recurring product quality issues for quicker detection-to-correction and offer better products than ever before!
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"Due to the perfectly documented complaints with photos, issue codes, etc. communication with customers is more effortless and enables us to analyze the complaints. With Claimlane, we have reduced our resolution time from 4 days to 1 day. This has had a significant impact on our customer satisfaction."
Sandra Smith
Customer Service Manager
"Scalable, intuitive, and insightful are the main attributes which make Claimlane a valuable part of our claim handling toolbox. The user-friendly front end makes it easy for customers and staff to work the platform. Customer feedback has been only positive, with beneficial effects for relations between sales, customer service and customers."
Claire Boeltoft
Head of Customer Relations
"It was amazing how easy it was to roll out the Claimlane platform. The amount of communication and the manuals that Claimlane had, made the implementation process much easier. From our managers’ perspective, this was a huge advantage. The level of support during the rollout has been fantastic, and it played an essential role in onboarding our stores and wholesalers."
Nicklas Smedegård
Business Controller
"Claimlane is brilliant because it collects everything about claim warranties in one place. All data is correctly received the first time, and there is no confusion. Overall it gives the opportunity to deliver better customer service, save tons of time and get a more structured knowledge about repeating defects."
Customer Service Team