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Managing returns and claims is complex

Badly documented returns and claims lead to unnecessary communication
Inefficient workflows and wasteful communication via email and excel
No insights into why items are returned or why they are faulty
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Claimlane streamlines the process

All customers, whether B2B or B2C, create perfectly documented returns.
Handle all return types in one place with streamlined workflows and automations
Learn why products are returned and improve your bottomline

“We decreased our handling time by 80%”

Nicklas Smedegård
Business Controller, Skechers
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Document returns and claims perfectly

Customize the self-service B2C and B2B return flows to ensure customers always provide the right data up front – regardless of the return type. This enables a smooth resolution process that saves time for the customer and your team.
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Process returns efficiently

Handle all return types across all channels in one system. Set up custom workflows to get a clear overview of every return. Streamline communication and get back to customers faster.

Automate processes

Integrate with your favorite systems and set up powerful automations, such as sending shipping labels or issuing credit notes, that save time and enhance the customer experience.

“I can handle 5-10 claims in Claimlane during the time it takes to handle 1 via email.”

David Outen
Returns Coordinator, The Hut Group
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Reduce return rates with product insights

Use the analytics module to dig deep into specific issues and share insights with your production, QA and sales teams or with external partners.

"With Claimlane, we have a unified Returns and Claims system for all revenue streams, ensuring streamlined access and data storage. This is critical to optimize operational workflows"

Christopher Jarrov 
Head of Supply Chain, Rains
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Join our B2B network that connects 8000 retailers and brands

With Claimlane you and your B2B partners no longer have 100 different return flows, you all have one standard for handling B2B returns and claims.

Hear the love from other brands

"We decreased our handling time by 80%"
Nicklas Smedegård
Business Controller, Skechers
"It has never been easier to handle claims. We save both time and money. Now, we can judge a claim just from a picture"
Victoria Klitvad
Sales Support, Mads Nørgaard
"Overall Claimlane gives the opportunity to deliver better customer service, save tons of time and get a more structured knowledge about repeating defects"
Claire Boeltoft
Head of Customer Relations, Woden

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