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The importance of quickly handling claim issues as customers rely heavily on your products

Customers often struggle with the claim submission process which results in missing information and delays the resolution
Missing data results in manual follow-up and processing for the customer service team
Keeping spreadsheets and databases up to date for reporting on quality issues becomes a cumbersome manual task

Claimlane streamlines the returns and claims process

All customers (B2B and B2C) create perfectly documented returns.
Handle all return types in one place with streamlined workflows and automation.
Learn why products are returned and improve your bottomline.

Hear the love from other Baby brands

“If you removed your product tomorrow I would start to cry”
Head of Returns, Luksusbaby
“Turning a negative situation into a downright positive customer experience is the most crucial thing that Claimlane helps us with.”
Benny Kristiansen
CSO/CMO, Sebra
“With Claimlane we have reduced our resolution time from 4 days to 1 day”
Sandra Smith
Customer Service Manager, Liewood

Learn how Claimlane streamlines returns

Dive into the product to learn how Claimlane helps Brands and Retailers streamline their returns and claims processes

Claimlane for Brands

Document claims and returns perfectly from both B2C and B2B customers. Streamline and automate workflows. Get quality insights.

Claimlane for Retailers

Document claims and returns perfectly. Forward returns and claims directly to brands. Recover your outstanding credit.

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Learn below how brands and retailers use Claimlane to simplify their returns process, save time, and improve both the customer experience and the bottomline.

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