How GrejFreak Reduced Their Resolution Time on Warranty Claims by 85%


GrejFreak, who is a 6 x Gazelle award winner, sells hunting-, military-, and outdoor equipment at affordable prices online. Their massive success and continuous growth are due to their laser focused strategy of delivering a world-class customer experience. 


  • Reduce resources spent on claims. On average, 2.5 FTE worked in the Claims & Returns Department contacting suppliers
  • Provide even better customer service by reducing resolution time on claims
  • Create easier accessible supplier guidelines instead of using Dropbox
  • Get data on faulty products to understand the product quality and time spent on individual suppliers


In April 2021, GrejFreak launched Claimlane’s Consumer Self-Service Portal and B2B Module. With Claimlane, they streamlined the claim handling process of faulty products with customers and suppliers, all from a single unified platform. 

Their Customer Service team can now: 

  • Receive tickets from customers and forward them directly to all their suppliers
  • Access specific supplier claim guidelines directly on customer tickets
  • Analyse faulty product trends to see the best and worst performing suppliers

Key Results

  • Saving on average 74 hours per week on handling warranty claims
  • Reduced time to resolution for claims by 85% going from up to 5 weeks to 3-5 days
"We went from 2.5 people in our returns & claims department that contacted all our suppliers to only 1 person in customer service handling all inquiries. We achieved our ROI almost immediately by implementing Claimlane.” - Jesper, Head of Customer Service

Pernille Holm
December 15, 2022
3 min

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