B2C Self-Service Portal

Get perfectly documented returns and claims. Every time.

Claims put your brand to the test – this is where you can create loyalty and is your most significant opportunity to create brand ambassadors.

Give your consumers a stellar experience by offering an accessible, fast, and straightforward omnichannel solution.
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“Claimlane's Self-Service Portal has revolutionized how our customers submit their requests and eliminated the need for phone calls and email exchanges”

Adnan Baessa
Head of Operations, Cult
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A strong brand image is key to building customer relationships

Is your company using a classic Sans-serif or a modern Geometric font? Do you want rounded or sharp corners? Customize everything you want, from colors and fonts to backgrounds and text.

Make it easy for your customers to provide you with what you need

Your customers can find their orders quickly with our plug-and-play Shopify and Webshipper integration.

Your customers feel taken serious

Let your customers tell you exactly what outcome they prefer upfront to reduce back and forth communication.

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