B2B Self-Service Portal

Collect perfectly documented returns and claims from all your retail customers

Replace Excel spreadsheets and half-documented emails with one structured claim flow for all your wholesale customers and retailers, globally.
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“Due to the perfectly documented complaints with photos, issue codes, etc. we have reduced our resolution time from 4 days to 1 day”

Sandra Smith
Customer Service Manager, Liewood
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Receive perfect documentation

Set up custom claim, return, and delivery issue flows and decide what data you want to receive – product data, images, issue tags, etc. You are in complete control and get all the data you want and need to improve efficiency.

Reduce your complexity

Provide all your retailers and wholesale partners with a simple step-by-step claim flow to vastly reduce the time they spend on submitting claims – from hours to just minutes. Make it easy for your B2B customers and improve their aftersales experience.

Handle cases in minutes

On every ticket submission, you will have complete overview of all the data submitted by each of your wholesale partners.

Handle claims faster through ready-made outcomes, making it more efficient and effective to communicate with all your retailers.

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