Integrations & Automation

Integrate your favorite systems and save time with automation

Claimlane connects with your eco-system through a strong API and standard integrations – automating workflows and improving the customer experience.
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Order Integrations

Streamline the Customer Experience

Easily connect the Self-Service Portal to e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento to ensure a smooth customer experience.
Shipping Integrations

Automate Return Labels

Through a strong connection to logistics and shipping solutions like Webshipper and Consignor, Claimlane offers a fully automated returns solution with all major carriers.
Use the integrations to create a fully automated returns flow with the Self Service Portal.
Helpdesk / CRM Integrations

One Platform for All Customer Inquiries

Integrate with your current helpdesk and CRM sortware to have a full overview of the customer, and to streamline CS-workflows.
Custom actions

Want to Build Your Own Flow?  

Want to build your own custom technical flow? Set up custom actions in Claimlane and take advantage of our flexible webhooks.

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