Claimlane is a warranty claims management platform for retailers and brands. We believe B2B software should be intuitive and inclusive. This is why we have developed our product through customer feedback, and we invest many hours in talking with our partners about their wants and needs.
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Retailers needed a software to handle warranty claims effectively.

Our founder, Jakob, used to be a brand manager in the fashion industry. Although he was doing a great job (or so he claims), he used to see one big downside to it all. The more products he sold, the more he had to deal with warranty claims and unhappy customers. And just like retailers today, he also used to manage these complaints through email.

Jakob realised a massive potential in all the data that warranty claims could provide. No one is learning from production errors based on the product's warranty claims.

His goal has been set in stone from that moment on to create an accessible platform for retailers to quickly and effortlessly manage communication. And bring awareness to the product quality in the name of sustainability.
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