How Mads Nørgaard Strengthened Their Customer Satisfaction

Founded in 1986, Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen is today recognized as a Copenhagen fashion icon and sold in stores worldwide. The brand is driven by providing timeless quality clothes and excellent customer experiences. One of their principles for customer service is treating people with kindness and taking care of every customer and store. The same is true for faulty products – they want to optimize the claim handling experience to provide an excellent customer experience that makes every customer feel taken care of. 


The challenge for Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen, like any other fashion brand, is to handle claims smoothly. It is a time-consuming process that involves emails, excel sheets, and products that has to be shipped back and forth for inspection. This process can be costly – both timely and for the environment, and Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen was looking for innovative solutions to optimize the process. 


The goal for Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen is to digitize the claim handling process and automate the complaint workflow to decrease the time spent on both parties. 

Also, the goal is to increase data quality (documentation) to avoid having faulty products sent back for inspection to become more sustainable and keep up the excellent customer experience. 

"It has never been easier to handle claims. We save both time and money by not having to call back faulty products from our retailers, which is also better for the environment. Now, we can judge a claim just from a picture." - Victoria Klitvad, Sales Support


With Claimlane, Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen now receives digitally documented complaints from all partners. And with a direct line of communication, they now handle a complaint request with a few clicks! They have a perfect overview and know the status of every complaint, allowing them to better serve the customers and pull statistics on their claim performance. The results are clear. Average claim handling time is down, and customer satisfaction is up. Finally, the days when Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen requests wholesale partners to ship back faulty products for inspection are over! 

"We encourage our retailers to donate faulty products for textile recycling right away. Furthermore, using Claimlane, we can handle claims much faster than before and ensure higher customer satisfaction." - Victoria Klitvad, Sales Support

Pernille Holm
December 16, 2022
5 min

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