Standardized Supplier Returns & Claims

Submit perfect returns and claims. Every time.

Exchange Excel sheets, emails, yellow notes, and endless confusing supplier procedures with one unified ticket flow.
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Submit claims like a pro in minutes

Every supplier wants something different. With Claimlane, you don’t need to think twice. We set up the claim flow based on their requirements, so you will submit the correct data every time – breeze through and submit claims like a pro in just minutes!

"With 500 suppliers who all have their own guidelines it has been impossible to keep track. Claimlane has simplified the processes for both customers and suppliers and removed a major stress factor in the whole organization"

Andreas Bang Nielsen
Marketing & Ecommerce Director, Davidsen
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Guidelines right at your fingertips

With your guidelines being easily accessible, your customers will get a much faster and more consistent claim handling. You will know what to do with every product right away.

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