Claimlane for Retailers

Gain complete control of your warranty claim process with a global platform for all your suppliers, stores, and customers.
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Make a perfect claim, everytime

Exchange Excel sheets, emails, yellow notes, and endless confusing supplier procedures with one unified workflow. Access all your supplier guidelines, and easily keep track of every case.
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Optimise your workflows

Enable your teams to achieve the ultimate overview over all your claims, even at scale. Keeping track of customer claim tickets has never been easier, allowing you to give the best possible service.
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Deliver an unforgettable aftersales experience

Claims put your brand to the test - this is where you can create loyalty and is your most significant opportunity to create brand ambassadors.

Give your customers a stellar experience by offering an accessible, fast, and straightforward omnichannel claim solution with our fully customisable Self-Service Portal.
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Beat gut feeling with data accuracy

Understand what claims cost you - and stop letting it drain your resources. Our powerful analytics will give you useful data insights into your warranty claims so you can take data-drive actions.
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Grejfreak reduced their time to resolution by 85%

“Our workflow has become much better and more efficient – contributing to happier customers.”

Jesper Gorell Nielsen

Customer Service Team Lead, GrejFreak