How Skechers Decreased Their Claim Handling Time by 80%

Sports Connection is the exclusive distributor of the successful global footwear brand Skechers in the Nordics. The company operates more than 50 physical stores and 4 webshops in addition to having a large wholesale network of over 1500 retailers.

In June 2020, Sports Connection (Skechers) implemented Claimlane’s Self-Service Portal, offering their B2C customers a convenient way to submit product claims with a structured and simple step-by-step workflow. Following the great results of Claimlane's B2C claim solution, Sports Connection also implemented the B2B Claim Portal module for its retail stores and wholesale partners.


Skechers, like many other businesses, used Excel spreadsheets to manage claims. However, as the company grew, it became evident that a more effective solution was necessary. Specifically, they needed a system that was efficient, structured, and automated for handling claims and credit notes.

Before the new system was implemented, Skechers had a two-week average processing time for claims. This delay resulted in faulty products being stored for long periods in showrooms, making daily store operations impractical. Claims were approved based on good faith, with little oversight, leading to incomplete or insufficiently documented claims being approved.

Managing warranty claims with customers was a time-consuming task that took away valuable resources from other important assignments. By implementing a new system, Skechers could save time and resources, while also ensuring a more accurate and transparent process for handling product claims.


Skechers now uses Claimlane's cloud-based platform as an all-in-one solution for handling claims across all their sales channels:

- Online webshops
- Own physical stores
- B2B wholesale partners (such as Skoringen, Intersport, and Eurosko)

Because all their processes are now streamlined and data is well-structured, Skechers now has a single source of truth. This means they can monitor, report, and train their store managers on product issues in real-time. Lastly, the omnichannel functionality allows Skechers to service their customers across online and offline channels, ensuring a smoother customer experience.


- Overall, Skechers has improved efficiency, gained better insights though analytics, and delivered better customer experiences.

- Skechers reduced the claim processing time by more than 80%, from an average of two weeks to only 1 to 2 days, resulting in a greater customer experience.

- Skechers saves time and money with an automated and structured workflow, which allows the team to focus on other important priorities.

- Perfectly documented data, providing full visibility and overview over claims, problematic items, and suppliers.

"It was amazing how easy it was to roll out the Claimlane platform. The amount of communication and the manuals that Claimlane provided, made the implementation process much easier. From our managers’ perspective, this was a huge advantage. The level of support during the rollout has been fantastic, and it played an essential role in onboarding our stores and wholesalers." - Nicklas Smedegård, Business Controller

Pernille Holm
April 19, 2023
5 min

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