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Davidsen Explains Why Warranty Claims Slowly Drained the Business

May 31, 2022
2 min

Davidsen Tømmerhandel is a leading Danish DIY retail chain with 23 physical locations and a fast-growing online shop. The company serves both professionals and private consumers. In 2020 they partnered up with Claimlane to take control over their warranty claims process. In this short story, Andreas Bang Nielsen, their Marketing & Ecommerce Director explains why claims are business-critical.

"At Davidsen, we strongly focus on delivering a first-class customer experience; both before, during, and especially in the after-sales. We therefore see it as a business-critical matter when our customers are experiencing difficulties when dealing with claims." - Andreas Bang Nielsen

With over 500 suppliers who all have their own individual guidelines and rules for handling claims, it was impossible to keep a clear overview, provide our customers with quick solutions, and secure credit notes from their hundreds of suppliers. The process was time-consuming and manual with customers being left in the dark, which were slowly draining the entire organisation.

With Claimlane, their claims handling process has significantly improved as they have now gained a holistic overview over all their ongoing and past claims with structured workflows, which means customers can now be helped much faster than before.

"Before Claimlane, our entire customer service team of 5 agents was involved in claims handling, with additional seasonal help from other departments. Today, we have 1-2 agents who can solve everything in Claimlane." - Andreas Bang Nielsen

The key to success is to get all claims properly documented from the start, which allows the business to easily forward tickets to the relevant suppliers, avoid additional communication channels, and obtain a priceless product database.

"Overall, it has simplified the processes for both customers and suppliers, while removing a major stress factor in the organisation." - Andreas Bang Nielsen

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