We've compiled answers to the 16 most frequently asked questions about Claimlane

Michael Kruse Sørensen
March 19, 2024
5 minutes

We just updated the FAQ on our website. If you have any questions about Claimlane, you've come to the right place. Here we have compiled answers to the 16 most frequently asked questions from potential Claimlane customers. If you are curious to learn more about Claimlane this one is for you.

1. What is a standard return compared to a complex return?

A standard return, or a simple return, is the typical “I changed my mind” of a simple product, such as a piece of clothing. However, customers may return items for a number of reasons. Delivery issues, faulty products, warranty claims, missing parts, repairs, and so on, typically involve more steps and are difficult and complex to handle.

2. What are B2C and B2B returns?

B2C returns are product returns between a consumer and a brand or retailer.

B2B returns are product returns between two businesses, often from a retailer to a brand. Many brands usually sell via multiple retailers, and retailers typically sell hundreds of brands. Normally each brand and retailer will have different return policies and ways of creating and handling returns. This naturally causes B2B returns a lot more challenging to handle.

3. How does Claimlane compare to other returns solutions?

I) Claimlane is a leader in handling complex returns

Most out-of-the-box returns solutions (e.g. Zigzag, Happy Returns, and Loop Returns) are built for automating simple returns. However, for many businesses these solutions won't fully solve their more complex return issues. Claimlane has a strong solution for automating standard B2C returns, however, we do extremely well for the customers with more complex return challenges. They often sell difficult products to handle like furniture, receive a variety of return types, and from different types of customers, across various sales channels and markets.

II) Claimlane can help you solve your B2B returns

Most return management solutions currently only focus on simple returns from B2C customers. However, many brands and retailers also handle returns to and from other brands and retailers. These returns are almost always more complex and take longer time to handle. That’s why we focused on building a powerful B2B Returns Portal to address this specific pain in the market.

III) Claimlane has a network of over 8,000 brands and retailers

As a Claimlane user, you join a network of over 8,000 brands and retailers that already handle returns and claims through Claimlane with their respective B2B partners. The network helps you and your business partners handle returns in a simple and standardized way, which saves time, resources, and money for everyone.

So, if you sell bulkier products like furniture, operate a wholesale business, or receive a large amount of claims or complex returns of various types then Claimlane is for you.

4. What do other customers like me say about Claimlane?

We are fortunate to have many wonderful brands and retailers who use Claimlane to manage returns and claims. Most of them are very happy. Because of this, we have only had 1 customer churn (because the company went bankrupt).

You can read our fantastic G2 Reviews from some of customers here.

You can also read our case studies here.

If you would like to speak with a relevant customer reference, please reach out to use through info@claimlane.com and we will connect you with a customer within your industry.

5. How to get started with Claimlane?

Getting started with Claimlane is straight forward. Simply reach out to our sales team here. They will help you evaluate how Claimlane can help you specifically. A project typically starts with identifying how you handle returns today, and what it will look like after implementing Claimlane. Most customers on the Basic and Pro plans should expect to be up and running within 2 weeks, and expect to spend less than 2 days of developer time. If your needs are more specific and complex e.g. if you are on the Advanced plan, then you should expect a longer implementation. However, most customers on the Advanced plan are up and running within 2 weeks to 2 months after kickoff. Regardless what plan you are on, we support you throughout the whole process to make sure it’s seamless and straight forward.

Learning to use Claimlane is simple. Hear it from Izabella Råberg, Customer Service Manager at Ganni:

”Learning how to use Claimlane was almost the easiest part because everything is where it needs to be and its very comprehensible. I would say it only took about 5 minutes to get a good overview of the platform.”

6. How can I test Claimlane or see it in action?

You can book a demo to learn more about Claimlane and see the product in action. As part of your evaluation process of Claimlane, you can see a bespoke demo of our platform working in your environment.

7. What ROI (Return on Investment) can I expect?

A customer of Claimlane can typically expect a ROI of 4-8x your annual Claimlane subscription fee. That means for each Euro you spend on Claimlane you should expect to get 4-8 Euros back in value. Typically your investment is paid back within 6 months already.

8. Can you help us calculate a business case?

Yes we can. You can book us for 30 minutes where we dive into your specific case and collect all the necessary information needed. We use this information and our industry benchmarks to provide you with a simple business case that you can use internally to evaluate Claimlane. The business case shows how much value you can expect from Claimlane.

9. How will Claimlane change our current returns and claims process?

We don’t just sell software. We help you implement an optimized returns process.

When we start working with a new customer (you), we start the project by reviewing your existing processes and determine together with you what the optimal process looks like with Claimlane.

This typically results in an improved process where:

  1. Your customers, across all your sales channels, get a much better and clearer way to create returns and claims.
  2. Your team can handle all returns and claims in a simpler way and we help you automate large parts of your existing workflow.
  3. Your returns data is complete and collected in one place so you can analyze how to improve your business.

We help you define and implement this new process.

10. How many IT resources do we need to implement Claimlane?

Most customers on our Basic and Pro plans spend little-to-no developer resources to implement Claimlane.

If you have more customized needs, such as a custom integrations as part of the Advanced plan, you should expect to spend some time. Typically the developer work is very limited (less than one week) but may extend from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on your needs.

11. Do our partners need to use Claimlane before we can use Claimlane?

No, they do not.

Your partners are not required to use Claimlane after you onboard them. However, as part of the onboarding you will invite your retail and/or brand partners to Claimlane, which makes managing returns and claims easy for everyone. You can decide for each of your partners whether they should receive returns within Claimlane or in a standard email format. It's important to underline and your partners can always decide to opt out of using Claimlane to instead receive standard emails should they for whatever reason not want to use Claimlane. This will however not impact how you submit returns and claims to them.

In other words, you do not need to worry whether your partners are ready to use Claimlane or not.

Finally, over 8,000 brands and retailers are already part of our growing network, which makes handling returns and claims easier for everyone involved.

12. Will Claimlane replace my ticketing system (e.g. Zendesk)?

Ticketing systems aka Helpdesk software, such as Zendesk, is built to help customer service teams manage regular customer inquiries.

Claimlane is a Returns Management software built specifically for the purpose of managing the returns and claims process.

Typically, customers use Claimlane in combination with their helpdesk. Your general customer inquiries are handled in your helpdesk, while your returns related tasks and automations are handled in Claimlane. You can decide whether communication with customers about returns and claims should be handled in Claimlane or remain in your current helpdesk.

Either way, Claimlane can integrate with your helpdesk such that your helpdesk remains up to date with all your customer inquiries including those on returns and claims. Read more about our integrations here.

13. Does Claimlane integrate with other systems?

Yes. We integrate with:

  1. The primary ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Umbraco, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce. We use this integration to collect data on customers and orders to make the return submission a great customer experience.
  2. The major logistics solutions such as Webshipper, Shipmondo, nShift, and Consignor. We use this to offer a fully automated returns solution with all major carriers. It also enables you to automatically generate return labels, which saves time for you and the customer.
  3. Your favorite Helpdesk and CRM software, whether that is Zendesk, Salesforce, Gorgias, or something else. Via this integration you can get a complete view of your customers, which makes the support side of your returns process easy.
  4. You ERP systems, such as Business Central. This integration will further automate manual processes, such as issuing credit notes, ordering spare parts, and offering refunds.

You can read more about our integrations here.

We offer to build custom integrations as part of our Advanced plan, if we don't have an off-the-shelf integration ready for your current IT systems.

14. What languages does Claimlane support?

The Claimlane platform is supported in English, German, Spanish, French and Danish.

Additionally, our B2C Self-Service Portal can be changed to a number of languages, so you can communicate with your customers in Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Chinese, Norwegian, Korean, Arabic, Italian and Polish. We are also ready to add additional languages if this is required by you.

15. What level of support is included in my plan?

We support all Claimlane customers throughout their journey and are ready by the phone and/or email if you need support. You can also check out our help center here.

We also provide you with all the guidelines, manuals, training, through your onboarding.

Finally, customers who are on our Advanced plan will get a dedicated Account Manager to help them with whatever they need.

16. How do I get help?

We are always happy to help. Check out our help center here for contact information.

We hope this addresses your main questions - if you want to know more or have questions that were not answered, please reach out to us.

Want to learn more?

We’d love to explore how Claimlane can help you. Book a chat below.

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