How to Avoid Long Resolutions Due to Poorly Documented Claims and Complex Returns

Michael Kruse Sørensen
February 5, 2024
3 minutes

A big problem in handling claims and complex returns is when you DON'T get the right information up front.

Many businesses simplify returns as a process solely for simple unwanted items, assuming automations can handle it seamlessly. However, returns encompass warranty claims, missing parts, transit damages, supplier claims, and much more – each return type demanding specific documentation and resulting in diverse outcomes.

The initial misstep often occurs when customers submit returns, lacking complete information. This triggers unnecessary back-and-forth exchanges with support teams, delaying resolutions. For instance, a customer may not promptly share product pictures when claiming a broken item, adding extra steps and extending resolution times, sometimes for days.

The complexity arises because not all returns are the same; factors like online and in-store purchases and return types (unwanted item, wrong item, warranty claim, transit damage, etc.) dictate different information requirements. Balancing comprehensive data collection without overwhelming customers or causing inefficiencies is a challenge.

So, what's the solution?

Enter our B2C Returns Portal - the first point of contact when customers initiate returns. Instead of traditional emails or forms, they navigate the Returns Flow. Watch our co-founder, Michael, guide you through its simplicity in the video below.

In summary, customers choose their specific return type, follow the step-by-step flow, and provide all the necessary information required for each return category. With Claimlane, you can easily customize the flow for each return type, ensuring the collection of essential information. Customers can provide order number and product information, along with images, and specify desired outcomes such as refunds or product exchanges.

This approach ensures a seamless customer experience, eliminating the need for subsequent information requests and prolonged back-and-forth communication.

The impact is substantial.

Meet our satisfied Claimlane customer, Sandra, who witnessed a remarkable decrease in claim resolution times from 4 days to only 1 day. A superior experience for customers and saved time in handling returns are the tangible benefits. Furthermore, you gain a comprehensive data foundation, providing insights into your returns processes and product analytics.

If you've encountered challenges with incomplete upfront information and excessive email exchanges, we're here to help. Reach out to us, and let's work together to achieve perfectly documented returns, every time. We would love to help you!

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