How to simplify B2B product returns and reduce your handling time across the business by over 50%

Michael Kruse Sørensen
February 26, 2024
3 minutes

B2B returns are important but often overlooked

When thinking about product returns we typically picture the process of an individual customer like you and I sending products back to a brand. However, a significant portion of returns today actually come from the B2B relationship, where retailers return goods to brands.

The B2B returns process is not only more time-consuming and costly, but doing it well is crucial for maintaining a strong relationship between brands and retailers.

B2B returns are typically more complex than for B2C

Typically, B2B returns are more complicated than B2C returns. There’s often many products per case. And it typically involves claims and faulty products, which are naturally more complex than a simple change of mind. Additionally, there are more existing tools on the market to handle B2C returns, whereas B2B has never been properly solved. Most companies still rely on handling all their B2B returns and claims with emails and spreadsheets. Not a perfect combination to say the least.

The challenges amplifies for retailers that sell multiple brands, as each brand has their own guidelines for processing returns and claims. Selling hundreds of different brands and suppliers means following hundreds of slightly different rules.

At the same time, brands face challenges when retailers don't follow their guidelines. It results in missing information and brands often must ask follow-up questions and request additional information. This extends the handling time and unnecessarily slows down the resolution process for both the brand and retailer.

So what’s the solution?

Well, we need an easy way for retailers to always provide brands with the right information up front when submitting returns and claims. That’s why we have built our B2B Returns Portal.

See how Claimlane’s B2B Returns Portal works in the 1-minute video

In the video you can see Michael, Co-founder of Claimlane, walk through how a retailer submits a perfectly documented claim to a brand.

In short, to submit a return, the retailer selects the brand and fills out the form with the required information. Each brand’s guidelines are reflected within Claimlane’s portal, which ensures it’s easy for the retailer to provide the right information every time.

Claimlane already has 8,000 leading brands and retailers in their global network and many of your partners are most likely already on the network. If not, they can easily be onboarded in a couple of minutes.

Once the retailer submits the return, the brand receives structured and categorized data. This makes it easy to understand the claim, select the right outcome, and communicate with the customer. Systems are updated automatically in the background so you always have a source of truth for your returns and claims.

This streamlined process not only saves time when retailers submit returns, but also ensures that brands always receive the right documentation, facilitating quicker resolutions.

It’s a win-win.

Brands and retailers often save over 50% of their handling time with the B2B Portal

The impact of using Claimlane is significant. Perfect documentation is guaranteed every time, making it easier for brands to resolve issues. The time savings are impressive, with upwards of 80% lower handling time as illustrated by our partnership with Skechers.

Additionally, the resolution time drops dramatically, because streamlined processes and perfect documentation up front reduces the need for follow-ups and waiting for additional information. In other words, resolving claims drop from taking multiple days or weeks to same day resolution. That's a big difference for both you and the customer.

If you are curious to learn how to improve your B2B return process and what it could do for your business, please reach out. We’d love to help you save time and improve your customer experience and partnerships.

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