Are You Equipped to Cope With Increased Warranty Claims?

Eleni Apostolopoulou
May 13, 2021
2 min

Covid-19 rapidly changed customer habits, and the changes seem to be permanent. People have adopted new lifestyle patterns as digitalization revealed a more convenient way to live in today’s fast-paced societies.

Although many retail industries faced significant losses in sales during the first lockdown, it implemented various digital systems fast to meet the new needs and means that customers fostered.

The social distancing, isolation, and lockdown restrictions made people buy almost everything online. With eCommerce sales growing, it’s hardly surprising that more undesirable outcomes occur, increasing faulty product and warranty claims.

Ecommerce will continue to expand and accelerate far more than it already did. That means customer claims for faulty product and warranties will continue to increase, demanding a streamlined solution.

Five reasons why to implement a warranty claims ticketing platform in your customer support department:

  1. Customers can easily submit claims, making their aftersales customer journey hassel-free and straightforward.
  2. Customers will get quicker resolutions as claims can be resolved even fast, which will improve their satisfaction.
  3. You get the perfect overview over all your warranty claims and can take data-drive actions from the collected insights.
  4. Customers will give you a 5-star rating online to increase credibility, trustworthiness, and overall revenue.
  5. Streamlined warranty claim solutions release business resources that help your brand reduce costs, improve efficiency, and boost productivity.

Let’s sum up!

The increasing customer faulty product and warranty claim tickets in eCommerce, combined with the change in consumer behaviour, reflects stronger demand for automated and streamlined solutions.

With Claimlane, retailers can integrate seamless complaint processes between consumers and suppliers, which leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Eleni Apostolopoulou
August 16, 2022
2 min

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