The Environmental Impact of Warranty Claims and Faulty Products

May 31, 2022
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Are you sustainable enough? The future of the planet is in danger. The United Nations in Glasgow Climate Change Conference announced that global emissions must be cut in half by the decade. The situation worsens, bringing more visible effects on temperature rise and ice melting. The world needs more sustainable solutions demanding from the industries to make more drastic changes.

The fashion industry has implemented a lot of green operations in the value chain. However, is it enough?

  • 10% of the global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the fashion industry
  • 2,700 liters of water is needed to produce one t-shirt
  • 20% of global clean water pollution is caused by textile production
  • Less than 1% of clothes are recycled as clothing
  • 0.5 million tonnes of microfibres are released into the ocean every year

Although the United Nations announced new measurements against textile waste on the environment, the fashion manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers must all contribute to addressing the changes required. But, what more can they do?

Handling customer warranty claims is a great way to reduce environmental impact. With good management, retailers can:

  • Collect valuable data about faulty products and ineffective processes from the whole value chain, reducing unsustainable, inefficient operations.
  • Create better products for customers and our environment. Through these insights, you can increase your product lifecycle, reducing waste.
  • Minimize faulty product returns, reducing CO2 emissions.

Consumers’ behaviour has changed. They do not demand the whole industry to change overnight. Still, they expect and respect the environmental and social considerations of the fashion brands.

Are you looking to leverage your customer warranty claims to be more sustainable? Claimlane’s Warranty Claims Platform helps retailers retain customers and reduce faulty product returns by creating better products from powerful data insights.

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