How to Avoid a New System Rollout Into your Business Being Costly

Eleni Apostolopoulou
August 23, 2021
5 min

The last few years are distinguished as ‘adapt or die’ for many businesses in most industries. Companies experienced forced digitalisation, adopting various new systems because of the social distancing measures and the changes in consumer behaviour. The need for new system implementation to keep up with digitisation was urgent, bringing chaotic situations in many businesses.

Although a new system can create numerous valuable benefits, it can be a huge risk for a business bringing disastrous outcomes. So, you may be wondering;

What are the hidden costs of a system rollout and how can you avoid them?

New software might not work with your IT system

When a company spends resources on a new system, managers have to ensure it will go live as smoothly as possible. Even if the product seems like the perfect match for your IT system, you have to be ready for any undesirable outcome. No one wants to roll out new software and blackout all the company's digital operations. In most cases, businesses have to make some adjustments and improvements. Your business' IT infrastructure and technology maturity is highly important in the rollout process.

The required training time

Training is a huge cost for a business. In order for any new software to work successfully, it demands great team training. It is not only money but mostly time spent to communicate the training material, develop the skills, and ensure that your team is capable of using the new software.

According to the 2020 Training Industry Report, the average total annual training budget in retail and wholesales was over $10 million. The cost per employee was $1,000 approximately. Although these numbers are not the same for every business, they acquire a significant insight into any retail brand’s actual training cost.

Communication problems through the processes

The communication part is crucial in the launch of any new software. When communication is not as effective as it should be, the implementation can be a huge cost to the business. The team should have the same guidance, training, and accessibility to the new system. Make sure that your team communicates effectively to ensure a successful software rollout.

Problems for the end-users, negative customer experience

Your main goal is to ensure your everyday operations work perfectly to deliver an excellent end-customer experience. However, it’s a pain when something goes wrong in a new rollout, and it blacks out your whole system. You lose credibility, transparency, and expertise. Many companies test new software manually, which can cause significant problems as mistakes can be overseen. Automated testing is a must to ensure a smooth rollout of a new system as it can run thousands of different scenarios and test cases, verifying the level of quality before it reaches the end-user.

Software as a Service (SaaS) products are an excellent alternative to the standard implementation of new systems. Claimlane provides a cloud solution that can avoid all of the above challenges. We also offer all the guidelines, and manuals to plan a trouble-free rollout.

  • You do not have to fulfil any specific requirement or adjust your IT system, as the operations are running on a cloud.
  • You can implement any integration your business needs, the features can be developed.
  • Everything is automatically tested, increasing the reliability and assuring a smooth rollout.
  • We provide all the guidelines, manuals, training, and support throughout the entire journey.
  • We have built a knowledge base and video tutorials that are accessible to all of your team.
  • We assure excellent training. In only 45 min, your team is ready to go.
It was amazing how easy it was to roll out the Claimlane platform. The amount of communication and manuals that Claimlane provided made the implementation process very easy. The level of support during the rollout has been fantastic and it played an essential role in onboarding our stores and wholesale partners. - Nicklas Smedegård, Business Controller, Skechers

Eleni Apostolopoulou
August 16, 2022
5 min

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