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Claimlane for suppliers

Complaint handling.
Made simple.

Too often the claim handling process is neglected. That's a shame! When done right, it can have a tremendous positive impact on your business.

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A user-friendly complaint process

Today, retailers are drowning in custom complaint forms and guidelines from suppliers. The consequence is poorly documented complaints and frustrations with your brand.

Our solution

  • Easy complaint submission - no more emailing back and forth
  • Receive perfect documentation; Product data, images, issue tags - it's all there
  • Handle complaints in seconds and ensure happy customers

When the complaint process is designed to benefit both you and your retail partner, you strengthen the partnership while collecting much better complaint data.

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Overview and internal collaboration

Managing hundreds of ongoing complaints with multiple colleagues involved, is no simple task to master.

Our solution

  • A dedicated claim inbox for a clear overview - no more sorting through your emails.
  • Assign and collaborate with agents, warehourse, sourcing, etc. for a structured communication to optimize your workflow all around
  • Automate repeating tasks like issuing credit notes

Streamline your workflows to prepare your business for growth, and provide better service your customers - they highly value quick resolutions.

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Claimlane analytics

If you can't measure it - you can't improve it
Too often claim insights are based on gut feelings and poor ERP excel reports - making it impossible to act on.

Our solution

  • Live visualizations of your claim performance; top issues, product and vendors.
  • Use product info, issue tags and pictures to determine if you have production mistakes that need fixing
  • Share insights and reports with team members across the organization

Use claim insights to make improvements in various departments; production, design, sourcing, buying and support.

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Claimlane API - connect your world

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While Claimlane is a powerful standalone solution, we have a well-documented open API which allows you to integrate for a fully automated claiming experience.

  • Ease the claim submission process for partners by sharing product data
  • Automatically adjust stock, book pickups or issue credit notes
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"It was very easy to learn how to use Claimlane, it is more or less foolproof"

- Cecilie Broholm Andersen

Logistics Manager at Won Hundred