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Claimlane for retailers

A uniform complaint process

Streamline operations and boost customer relations.

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Submit a complaint in 60 seconds - no matter the supplier

Current complaint procedures are complicated and different for every supplier - it's immensly time-consuming!

Our solution

  • Submit complaints from any device; mobile, tablet or your computer.
  • Follow the same process towards all suppliers

Currently more than 500 brands are receiving claims through our platform.

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Deliver a perfect omnichannel customer experience

Customers expect you to be communicating internally on their behalf - we have made it simple even for larger organizations

Our solution

  • A ticketing system designed for collaboration between headquarters, your stores and external partners
  • Search for claims or customers across all accounts and see current status

Never again will you have to send customers in an endless circle of contacting different departments to get a simple status of their complaint

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A complaint overview to avoid chaos

As more employees and partners get involved in the individual complaint time to resolution drastically increases

Our solution

  • A claim inbox with clear status and who is responsible
  • Never forget a customer - we automatically keep them in the loop
  • Finance can easily follow progress and collect the money you are eligible to
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Claimlane analytics

If you can't measure it - you can't improve it
Without a proper tool to collect data you're missing out on valuable insights - essential to improving your operations and partnerships.

Our solution

An analytics dashboard - boost employee engagement and monitor partners

  • Get live reports on your average claim handling time, customer satisfaction, etc. to boost emplyee engagement
  • See a list of all your partners, and who receives the most complaints
  • See how complaints affect your business and how much liquidity is tied up in complaints
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