Customer Service Teams

Why Customer Service Teams love Claimlane

Get the overview you need to solve cases more efficiently and experience happier customers.
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Because it’s simple.

Exchange Excel sheets, emails, yellow notes, and endless confusing supplier procedures with one unified workflow. Breeze through and submit claims like a pro in just minutes!
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Gain access to all your brand guidelines in one place.

With your guidelines being easily accessible, your customers will get a much faster and more consistent claim handling experience. You will know what to do with every product right away.
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Understand what and how faulty items are costing you.

Warranty claims slowly drain your team's resources. With our advanced Analytics, you can see exactly which of your suppliers are costing you the most. Share the data with your Purchasing Department and enable them to negotiate better terms.
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Your customers will be happier.

Claims put your brand to the test - this is where you create loyalty and is your most significant opportunity to create brand ambassadors. Give your customers a stellar experience by offering an accessible, fast and straightforward omnichannel solution.
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