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Turn claimers into smilers

Everyone hates complaints. Our mission is to change that:
We want to deliver a seamless complaint experience from A-Z.

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We consider every employee to be a part of our customer success team. Your success is our success. We constantly measure our customer satisfaction score (NPS), and we're proud that more than 4 out of 5 users of Claimlane would recommend the platform to others.

Thank you to all our customers and users for helping us build a better product every day.

Our beliefs

So what exactly does a seamless complaint experience entail? Here is our take:

Deliver outstanding customer (complaint) experiences

Let customers submit a perfectly documented claim in no time and greatly reduce total time to resolution

Fully automate the complaint workflow throghout the entire value chain

Automate non-value adding tasks for every actor in the value chain

Deliver valuable insights about faulty products

We believe that the future of fashion and lifestyle is all about the quality of products.

Today, 23% of the fashion CO2 footprint comes from products that consumers ditch - that's a waste, and we want to change that! By painting a clear picture of why products break, while providing recommendations on how to improve it, we can make a difference.

"The Claimlane analytics platform offers insights into a wide range of topics such as customer behavior, potential fit issues and customer satisfaction that we can then convert to optimizing processes, improving product quality and creating a better overall customer experience."

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Nicolaj Reffstrup

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